Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is hopeful as Italy eases restrictions and moves towards the final stages of its lockdown.

According to Conte, “We deserve to smile, to be cheerful, after weeks of great sacrifice”. He also added in a BBC interview, that it is time Italy moved towards economic reforms.

Italy had been on a nationwide lockdown since March 9, and according to a BBC report, “with more than 33,600 fatalities and almost 234,000 cases since the outbreak” is one of the countries in Europe that was hit hard by the Corona Virus.

At this stage, lifted restrictions are domestic travel within the country and international travel to and from European countries; travel restriction still applies for visitors from outside Europe. Cafes, shops and restaurants are also opened to the public.

Despite the lifting of its lockdown restrictions, Prime Minister Conte advises and urges the people to still be cautious and that the wearing of masks and the practice of social distancing should still be enforced.


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