The Italian government gave the cruise ships the nod earlier this month to leave the Italian ports.

The luxury vessels, however, are only allowed with 70% of the usual capacity according to an Associated Press (AP) report.

According to The Times, MS Grandiosa’s departure will test the waters for the cruise industry that was in hiatus for months hence the huge economic loss.

Safety Measures Before Getting On And While Onboard   

Tourists took health tests Sunday according to AP and also had their temperatures checked.

These are required in order for them to take part in the first Mediterranean voyage after Italy’s lockdown.

AP added that the Mediterranean ShippingCompany’s (MSC) guests list is limited to the European’s 26-nation Schengen visa holders.

MSC declared every tourist and crew would receive a wristband that enables “contactless transactions” on board.

The said wristband will also provide “contact and proximity tracing.”

BBC reports that following safety protocols, MSC Cruises will be operating the MSC Grandiosa with roughly 2,500 guests onboard.

Passengers furthermore will only be allowed ashore only for MSC- organized tours as per The Times.

Also, buffet food will be served at tables to promote social distancing.

Stringent Measures Even At The Airport

The Fiumicino International airport in Rome began swabbing passengers arriving from four European countries with high levels of infection.

Some passengers grumbled at the long holdup as only eight people were administering the tests and computer glitches.

The Global Health Authorities’ Two Cents 

The Times reported that global health officials reproached the cruise industry for a delayed response to the spread of the coronavirus.

They cited sloppy monitoring of cruise staff, continued self-service buffets and use of gyms, and lack of personal protective equipment.

The cruise ships’ complacency resulted in more than 3,000 infected people and 73 people who passed away in June aboard 48  Cruise Lines International Association -affiliated cruise ships.


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