A man in handcuffs stands in front of the South Korean flag

A 24-year-old instructor in a cram school in Incheon lied about his whereabouts to the contract tracing authorities, Al Jazeera reported.

Authorities: We Highly Doubt His Unemployed Status

Not only did he lie about his whereabouts but also about his job, telling health authorities that he was unemployed, per Yonhap News Agency.

In fact, he had taught at a private academy in Incheon, about 50 kilometers away from Seoul, only a day earlier.

Local health officials were not convinced that he was telling the truth.

They asked the police to get hold of the instructor’s mobile phone records.

The process has delayed the tracing efforts that could have averted further infections.

From One Person to Eighty Individuals  

The instructor has taken taxis 13 times between May 2 and 8.

He and two of his infected academy students have visited a coin karaoke room in Michuhol Ward on May 6.

He tested positive on May 9 after visiting a club and alcohol-selling joint in Itaewon, Seoul.

From then on, He infected at least a total of 80 people in Incheon.

Among those afflicted are more than forty elementary, middle, and high school students. 

A crowd of korean students in masks in a crosswalk

He Got Off Lightly

The controversial instructor, a 25-year-old senior university student, now has to deal with the aftermath of his deception, Yonhap reported.

Last month, The prosecutors petitioned a jail time of two years, which is the maximum possible penalty, during the final hearing.

The defendant “lied more than 20 times to health officials” who were in charge of “contact tracing,” said the Incheon District Court.

His deception caused serious “economic and social damage.”

In addition, he sowed “fear among community members.”

The court, before sentencing, has taken into account that the accused denied some of his misconduct during the police probe.

The defendant apologized and said that he “had no idea” that his false statements could have very “serious” results.

He only received a sentence of six months in prison, Thursday.


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