A business man beside someone using instagram

It seems Instagram wants to up its game in assisting business owners and creators with the development of a new feature.

According to a TechCrunch report, the photo and video sharing app is developing its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) feature for businesses and creators. 

The new feature will allow clients to tap on an Instagram page’s Commonly Asked Question option. After that, a series of questions would appear for them.

Moreover, according to TechCrunch, IG pages that already have access to the feature said they can create up to four questions. 

The development of the app and news about it is not new. However, early this year, it seems like businesses are only the ones who had access to it. 

However, new reports are saying the feature would be open to more users, including creators. 

Matt Navarra, a social media industry commentator, shared the screenshots of the feature on Twitter from Nizam.

Twitter user Nizam’s screenshots show Instagram’s extension of the feature. 

Better Conversation and Exchanges

The introduction of this new feature would help create more meaningful exchanges or conversations between users. 

For business owners or creators, it would also mean more efficient use of time.

The feature can give them more time answering other important questions or managing their pages. 

A screenshot of Instagram's new feature

Facebook Had It First

This kind of chatbox setup is a bit similar to the one Facebook has for its users who also own businesses or are managing pages. 

On Facebook, an automatic chatbox will appear after someone clicks on a business Facebook page. 

After that, there would be a series of questions the visitor of the page can access to have a better understanding of the business. 

Instagram-Facebook Messenger

This is not the first time there’s a crossover or similarities of functions between Facebook and Instagram. 

A few months ago, both social media platforms had introduced the merging of Instagram and Facebook’s messaging systems.

The new feature allows Instagram users to message their contacts on Facebook through the Instagram app.   


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