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The Alt-right and pro-Trump are back at it again. It used to be funny a few years ago when the popular conspiracies were that a whole continent didn’t exist or that putting certain chemicals in ecosystems is actually changing some amphibian’s sexual orientation. Now, it seems that these subjects of humanity have actually learned that you can get far more reach using social media rather than the classic, crudely made sign outside of the planned parenthood clinic. As any sane, well-adjusted person like you and I know, the things we see and learn from the internet needs to be taken with a pinch (or a large tablespoon) of salt, but not everyone is you or I.

 After the #blacklivesmatter fiasco, (using the ‘#blacklivesmatter’ tag on social media incorrectly to try and make it difficult to find useful information about the movement on the last #blackouttuesday) the most recent target for people of a more ‘right-sided’ political mind is Save the Children. “But Josh, what did Save the Children do? They’re a charity protecting children aren’t they?” I hear you ask? Ok, here is what is happening. Social media users, normally associated with QAnon, a group that is essentially a pro-Trump conspiracy theory group, are spreading false information about child-trafficking and are basically trying to fearmonger. Of course, human trafficking is a huge problem all over the world and of course should be taken seriously. It seems that QAnon is essentially trying to ride the algorithm, as this particular topic has been blown wide open and is now a hot topic due to the media saturation of the Epstein scandal and the accompanying Netflix documentary. It’s well worth a watch I must say but does not justify creating potentially fraudulent stories.

I won’t go on a tirade of how QAnon is pretty much unevolved mentally because, for all I know, some of these people actually believe this information to be fact without actually checking the source material. On the other hand, some of the people involved in this group are essential as I described. Disenfranchised U.S citizens, whose only pleasure in life is to basically attack right-minded people because their voice has been unheard for so long. 

A bunch of QAnon members in a protest

 Now, we’ve seen this happen before right, with the whole “Pizzagate” or “Pedogate” scandal, which in the end was defunct because it is perfectly ludicrous, but why is this happening now? What could they be trying to distract us from? I mean, there aren’t any big political dates coming up. Possibly soon? Maybe this November? With the current president’s handling of the whole COVID-19 situation, he needs a scapegoat more than ever, and it’s not out of character for this particular ‘leader of the free world’ to use confusion tactics as I’ve mentioned in previous articles.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m just as bonkers as QAnon for insinuating that this could be a tactic to try and win a presidential election, however, this wouldn’t be the first time a presidential candidate has used this tactic. In the entire history of the United States and it’s elections, there has always been some kind of mystery or scandal involved, from assassinations and affairs, but I digress.

In the end, these types of movements are starting to show more and more faults in the white house as they do not deny affiliation with these groups, in fear of losing voters, so close to an election. I will leave you with this; check your sources, tag responsibly, Australia exists, the world isn’t flat, sexual orientation can’t be changed by putting chemicals in the water, and; #kanye2020.


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