Tech Giants, facebook and twitter under scrutiny for limiting coverage on Hunter Biden's issues

Tech giants Twitter and Facebook decided to limit the distribution of the New York Post article about Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. 

Facebook’s Decision

Facebook’s spokesperson, Andy Stone, said their company “will intentionally not link to the New York Post” story and reduce its distribution on its platform.

However, he clarified that the story “is eligible to be fact-checked by Facebook’s third-party fact checking partners.”

According to Stone, Facebook’s action is part of its “standard process” in reducing the spread of misinformation. 

Facebook’s action is also a part of its efforts in protecting the 2020 US Elections. 

According to its blog post on that matter, “reducing misinformation” and protecting candidates, elected officials, and their teams’ accounts is also part of it.

According to them, accounts of those people “can be targets of malicious” activities. 

Facebook added it does not want a repeat of what happened during the past elections. Thus the heightening of its securities and stronger fact-checking.

Twitter’s Decision

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey clarified the reason Twitter started blocking tweets sharing the Post’s article on Hunter. 

According to him, URL sharing through tweets or DM “with zero context” is not acceptable on Twitter.

He also shared a link to show more details about Twitter’s decision and how the article violates its policies. 

According to Twitter, the images in the article contain “personal and private information” and include hacked materials. 

Moreover, those pieces of information show a clear violation of Twitter’s Hacked Materials Policy.

A keyboard in chains indicating online censorship

A Brief on New York Post’s Story

The New York Post posted an unverified story about Hunter during Biden’s stint as the US Vice President.

According to the Post, Hunter attempted to introduce his father to Burisma’s top executive. 

Hunter worked at Burisma, a Ukrainian company.

The story also alleges that this meeting resulted in the Ukrainian government firing a prosecutor. 

Biden’s camp has since responded to the story, per CNBC.

According to Andrew Bates, Biden’s campaign’s spokesperson, they have “reviewed” Biden’s official schedules from the Post’s story and found no meeting transpired. 

Getting More Attention

However, instead of people staying quiet because of the two tech giant’s decisions, it instead created more attention to the story.

It also angered a lot. 

Some people even believe tech companies are “not even trying to hide their election interference anymore.”

Many people also think restricting Hunter’s story while being fact-checked shows the story is real.


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