A big picture of Uk's flag was inserted. Also, an image of Huawei brand was put in the canvass. The reason behind is that is the focus of the artcle. Huawei urges to reconsider in UK plan to ban the brand.

China’s mobile company, Huawei have requested a meeting with the UK’s Prime Minister’s office to propose a deal.

Huawei wrote to Sir Edward Lister, an adviser to the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. 

The tech giant wanted the UK to delay its removal from the country’s 5G network, as per The Sunday Times. 

In exchange, Huawei vows to retain their telco equipment, the same equipment used for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. 

As per their request, Huawei wanted the UK to delay its removal until 2025.

The mobile company hopes that the change of leadership in 2025 might also mean a reversal in the government’s decision, said Times. 

There will be a National Security Council Meeting on Tuesday about banning Huawei equipment in the UK’s network by 2020. 

Huawei building was used as the image. It was used because Huawei request for the delay of its removal until 2025.

Possible Loss of Phone Coverage and Costly Operation

Sources have told Times that Huawei will not make any threats to stopping its maintenances. 

However, it might emphasize the inconvenience of maintaining its networks and possible “blackouts” in case Huawei gets banned. 

The UK’s leading telco companies, BT and Vodafone also share this concern.

Taking away Huawei’s equipment might result in a phone coverage loss, they said. 

Besides, it would be costly to strip off its equipment, said Vodafone. 

It would cost, billions of pounds, they said.

BT and Vodafone also agree that it would take at least a minimum of five years to avoid those major problems to the UK’s networks. 

A Strain in the UK and China’s Relationship

A few days ago, John Browne, Huawei’s UK Chairman told Reuters that Britain is wasting a well-established relationship with China. 

“The UK has had a very long relationship with China,” said Browne during a Reuter’s virtual event. 

“I hope it’s not one that they simply throw away.”

Huawei has become a political “football between the United States and China”, said Browne.

Also, Britain getting involved in it risks jeopardizing itself, he said. 


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