A stressed remote employee next to a broken google plus logo

People worldwide have reported that various Google services such as Gmail, YouTube, and Google Docs, are down and cannot be accessed on Monday morning.

According to The Verge, it seems the services had been down for an hour. 

Moreover, aside from the online services, users who own smart home gadgets integrated with the Google Assistant also experienced issues. 

Joe Brown, a group editorial director shares his woes on Twitter. 

According to him, he is sitting in the dark inside his toddler’s room “because the light is controlled by @Google Home.” 

He added, he is rethinking a lot now. 

Moreover, the Verge has verified, a Nest Hub smart display failed to operate a smart heater. 

The Google services worldwide outage sparked hashtags such as #YouTubeDOWN and #GoogleDown trending worldwide.

At around 4:50 am PST, Google announced that “the problem with Gmail should be resolved, for the vast majority of affected users.”

Slack HQ facade

Non-Google Services Are Down Too

Aside from services and gadgets related to Google, there are also other services not related to the company that reported problems. 

For example, Salesforce’s newly acquired work messaging platform, Slack, also suffered logging in problems. 

According to the Guardian, it seems users who were not able to log in before the outage had problems accessing it. 

Another application, Pokemon Go, also reported problems during the time Google was down. 

According to Down Detector, the majority of the users reported problems with logging in. Moreover, a smaller number reported issues with server connection.

Hotmail Users Are Rejoicing

After being maligned by Gmail users for quite a long time, Hotmail users seem to rejoice a little because the massive outage did not affect them. 

In fact, the Microsoft owned email service even trended on Twitter. 

Twitter user, Jesse Mermell shared, 

“It’s a rare day that I get to boast about still having a Hotmail account… #googledown.”

A teacher, Nicholas Ferroni, decided that from this day on, he need not explain why he still has his Hotmail account from high school.

A comedian, Mark Watson, noted how other people have laughed at him for having a Hotmail account. Now, he is rejoicing on the fact that the tables have turned. 

“You all laugh at me ALL THE TIME for having a Hotmail account. Guess what f*ckers: I’m emailing my t*ts off here. See you when your new-fangled thing starts working again.”


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