Dr. Catalin Denciu pictured beside the burnt down Romanian hospital

Dr. Catalin Denciu tried to help COVID-19 patients to safety while the hospital in Piatra Neamt caught fire Saturday, per the Guardian. 

Romanian Hospital Fire Hero

Denciu’s effort to save the COVID-19 patients turned him into a local hero.

The blaze, however, left ten COVID-19 patients dead in the aftermath.

The fire also seriously injured six others.

The hospital said that the deceased: seven men and three women from ages 67 to 86 years old, the Guardian reported.

The heroic doctor sustained 40% second and third-degree burns.

Eventually, Dr. Denciu had to be transferred Sunday to Belgium’s Queen Astrid Military Hospital.

Doctors’ unions, local media, and even Romanian Prime Minister Ludovic Orban have nothing but praise for Denciu, per the Guardian.

My “respect for the heroic doctor” who showed exceptional “courage and spirit of sacrifice” in his rescue attempt, PM Orban told local media.

A Charred window from the burnt down hospital in Romania

What Caused The Fire?

Health Minister Nelu Tataru suggested that the blaze was possibly “triggered by a short circuit,” Associated Press (AP) reported.

The national prosecutor’s office declared it would thoroughly investigate the blaze as a possible instance of manslaughter.

So, the office assigned the 2015 Colectiv Club prosecutor to spearhead the hospital fire’s newly-launched investigation.

The Guardian reported that the hospital fire Saturday was the most devastating in Romania since 2015.

Maltreatment And Mismanagement In The Regional Emergency Hospital

Various news agencies revealed that the Piatra Neamt Regional Emergency Hospital was in poor condition for ages, according to USA Today.

The government appointed a total of eight managers to supervise the hospital over the last year. 

USA Today reported that the hospital assigned it’s current manager, Lucian Micu just three weeks ago.

Also, Micu’s predecessor resigned after numerous accounts of patient mistreatment.

The media reported that patients seeking medical care have to wait outside in the cold.


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