Pro-democracy Hong Kong citizens remember the August 31st events last year, when the Hong Kong Police indiscriminately attacked passengers at Prince Edward, Subway Station.

Hong Kong Citizens gathered at the Prince Edward MTR memorial site on Monday and brought flowers to commemorate the train station incident. 

Pro-democracy activists and supporters also trended the hashtag #831attack to mark the 1st anniversary of the event. 

Police officers were on standby at the station to patrol the event. 

In the afternoon, police demanded the participants to remove the flowers or they will be charged, Dimsum Daily, a local English media based in Hong Kong reported. 

In the evening of the event, around a hundred participants began chanting a pro-democracy slogan, “Hong Kong Independence is the only way out,” as per the Daily

Later on, twelve people were arrested by the police due to alleged charges on illegal assembly and assault against authorities. 

Also, five others were summoned by the police for violations against preventing and controlling the diseases by joining a group gathering, said the Daily

Citizens are still calling for the full disclosure of the train station incident. 

However, since the implementation of the new national security law in Hong Kong, citizens are now forbidden to talk about the incident, said a Beijing official in a statement last month, as per the Hong Kong Free Press.  

There were also rumors that some people died during the August 31st event.

What Happened On August 31st? 

On August 31st last year, the police marched into the Prince Edward Station and attacked passengers on the train with batons and pepper sprays. 

The incident was reported by the international media and was condemned by the international community for the state’s violence against its citizens.

According to the Hong Kong Global Connect, a non-partisan fact-checking organization in Hong Kong, seven of the victims were charged with riot, while none of the police faced any consequences. 

Officers also blocked journalists and paramedics from entering the station, thus the full account of the incident is still unknown to the public. 

Officials also destroyed CCTV footages in the station, and silenced the witnesses to the event, the Connect wrote in a tweet.  


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