The opposition warned that the controversial Hong Kong security law that the Chinese government wants to introduce spells the end to the current “one country, two system,” said a BBC report.

Civic Party lawmaker Dennis Kwok said “if this move takes place, ‘one country, two systems’ will be officially erased. This is the end of Hong Kong”.

Famed student activist turn politician Joshua Wong tweeted that the move was an attempt by Beijing to “silence Hong Kongers’ critical voices with force and fear”.

However, according to Hong Kong’s “mini-constitution” it ought to enact security laws to prevent “treason, secession, and sedition”.

This is the reason why the National People’s Congres (NPC) is pushing for the Hong Kong security law.

The annual NPC is largely rubber-stamps decisions already taken by the Communist leadership, said the BBC.

In 2003, there was an attempt to pass such law.

But it failed after 500,000 people took to the streets to oppose it..

The current attempt to push through the laws has caused outrage among pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, the report added.

One legislator called the laws “the most controversial [issue] in Hong Kong since the handover”.

Hong Kong was handover by the British to China in 1997, after an over 150-year rule.  

Since then, Hong Kong became a “special administrative region” of China, and enjoys “one country, two systems” policy. 


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