The featured image is a protester who has a BLM signage. The reason is that a male protester was shot dead during a BLM protest.

Austin Senior Police Officer Katrina Ratcliff said that they were monitoring a Black Lives Matter march in Austin, just before10 PM, Saturday when the shots were fired at Fourth Street and Congress Avenue, according to a Statesman report. 

The shooting occurred as protesters marched downtown.

 The suspect was driving and honking among the demonstrators.

Police said the gunshot victim was near the vehicle.

He was possibly carrying a rifle and was about to confront the driver.

Police have withheld the names of the victim and suspect.

The Witness’ Account

The vehicle driver made a blaring sound and plowed the protesters, witness Michael Capochiano told Statesman.

Then the people surrounded the vehicle “yelling,” it sounded “like they were frightened,” Capochiano said.

One of the demonstrators approached the car.

He was carrying a rifle. 

The person inside the vehicle “pointed his gun outside the window” and opened fire before driving away, he said.

The man carrying the rifle “dropped to the ground” when he was shot, Capochiano added.

“Good Morning America” named the alleged homicide shooting victim as Garrett Foster.

His mother, Sheila Foster, confirmed Sunday morning that Foster was killed.

Foster was found by officers monitoring the protest.

He was taken to a hospital and was later pronounced dead.

A Different Account by the Victim’s Mother

Sheila Foster told GMA that her son, a BLM supporter, had attended many peaceful protests with Whitney Mitchell, his fiancée.

“All I know is that my son and his fiancée were participating in a protest downtown Austin,” she said in a video statement.

Foster was pushing Mitchell’s wheelchair, a quadruple amputee, before the shooting.

 A man “got out of his car” and began “firing shots” and Foster “was shot three times,” his mom added.

Austin police via Officer Ratcliff told reporters that the suspect was detained and was cooperating with them.


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