Want to fight your boredom during these trying times? It is crucial to stay sane. From here on, we will be publishing 5 tips to relax your state of mind.

Here are some things to do inside your house, alone and for free, while we are all in a situation that should not be spoken: Quarantine.

Read a Book

For sure, you have some books lying around the house collecting dust. Why not search for those books that book you always wanted to read or keep seeing, and you keep saying to yourself, “one day, I will find a time to read you.” Emphasis on the “a book” your goal is not quantity but instead just to pass the time while keeping your mind active.

Take a Nap

If you happen to stumble on horror or some fiction novels that stress you out, why not take a nap. For sure, your eyes get tired with all those reading. Or better yet, read a non-fiction book that will eventually lead you into a slumber.

Walking Meditation.

Meditating is a sort of reset button for your mind, it’s a cool booth for the tech-savvy out there. And walking meditation may sound like an oxymoron because who doesn’t stay calm and think of nothing while going to point A to point B, without hurting yourself. Don’t the words mislead this is actually done by Chinese monks for millennia. Simply designate a starting point and some couple meters away as the finish line, preferably a straight line. And between those points, try not to think of anything as in anything.

Enjoy a Warm Bubble Bath

Do not worry if you can not do the walking meditation at first; it really takes practice to train your mind not to think, but your breathing and just do some pacing while you are at it. Why not take a warm bubble bath to soothe your soul, imagine you are in a spa pampering yourself. This is your getaway from reality.

Look Through Old Photos

Nothing puts us back the way before than old photographs. I am referring you to those physical pictures from yesteryears. There is always something satisfying looking at old photos, wondering what happened to those folks you once share time with. That warmth you are feeling inside you is called nostalgia, which is associated with promoting happy memories and can actually give you may need to continue and move on.

For living with a spouse and kids, we will have a series for you too. So stay tuned!


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