The Austrian government unveiled plans to transform Adolf Hitler’s birthplace into a police station, said a CNN report.

This is after years of debate on whether or not to demolish the building where the Nazi leader was born.

The winning proposal, by Austrian firm Marte.Marte Architects was unveiled at a press conference on Tuesday.

A digital mock-up showed that there will be an extended gabled roof, with the current yellow facade replaced with a white one, to blend with the neighboring buildings.

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said the town had become “the antithesis of everything (Hitler) stood for.”

“You can recognize a country’s democratic culture by dealing with its history, and it has taken Austria a long time to face up to its own history,” he said.

“Today we are opening a new chapter in dealing with our historical responsibility,” he added.

Authorities hoped the move will prevent it from becoming a pilgrimage site for Nazi sympathizers, said CNN.

Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in a three-story building in Braunau am Inn, near the German border.

His father worked as a customs official in the town. 

However, when Hitler was three years old, his family left Braunau am Inn.


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