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Brian Houston, senior pastor and founder of Hillsong, said Wednesday that Pastor Carl Lentz was fired, according to Time Magazine.

Lentz preached to celebrities like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber in the New York Chapter of Hillsong, per the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail also reported that several NBA stars: Carmelo Anthony, David Lee, Kevin Durant, and Jeremy Lin, also attended Hillsong.

Karl Lentz in one of the events he pastored

An Action Taken Very Seriously

Hillsong Church Global Senior Pastor Brian Houston made an announcement on the church’s website dated November 4.

He advised the East Coast congregation that Hillsong has terminated the employment of Pastor Carl Lentz. 

Also, it was done in the best interests of everyone, including Pastor Carl.

Hillsong fired Lentz concerning leadership issues, breaches of trust, not to mention, moral failures.

Despite terminating Lentz’s tenure, we don’t want to “diminish the good work he did here,” Global Senior Pastor Brian Houston wrote.

Houston concluded the post that Hillsong will not be making further public comments on this matter.

A Tense Conversation With Wife 

In a photo uploaded by the Daily Mail, the prominent Christian pastor seemed to be talking with his wife, Laura Lentz.

On Thursday, Lentz sat miserably on his e-bike, and while Laura stood near with her arms crossed, per the Daily Mail.

Instagram: A Change Needs To Be Made, This Failure Is On Me

Lentz, The (ex-) leader of Hillsong NYC, wrote on his Instagram account a lengthy confession.

The Pastor to the Stars wrote that “time at HillsongNYC has come to an end.”

Lentz also acknowledged that “a change needs to be made” because a pastor must live in an honorable way.

The 41-year-old lead pastor confessed that he did not do an adequate job of protecting his own spirit.

Lentz also admitted being “unfaithful in his marriage” with Laura, the most important relationship of his life.

“I take full responsibility for my actions,” Lentz wrote.

Lentz added that he is “deeply sorry for breaking the trust of many people.” 

He, despite this, is now seeking to “rebuild the trust” of his family.


They say religious people are less likely to be unfaithful because they have more rigid values.

Now, looking at tattooed and designer clothes- donning “hypepriests” like Lentz, do you think he has rigid values?

One must also consider that Hillsong has many celebrity churchgoers.

Spending time with many attractive people, New York, of all places, can make cheating more likely. 

Well, who are we kidding? It is a bigger surprise that his marriage lasted 17 years when people these days barely make it to their 5th wedding anniversary.


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