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Hawley Claims Antifa Threatened His Family

Josh Hawley next to a protest sign

Missouri Senator, Josh Hawley, took to Twitter to call out protesters who demonstrated outside his house in DC on Monday.

He called the protesters “Antifa scumbags” and wrote that they “threatened” his wife and newborn daughter, who are both homebound. According to his tweet, the protesters “screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound” their door. 

Supporters of Hawley are quick to defend him and condemn the act after his tweet. 

David “Dude” Dudenhoefer, a former politician, compared the protesters to “Nazi Brown Shirts.” 

The Brown Shirts are a Nazi militia known for creating chaos on the streets of Nazi Germany. 

Another supporter, Fox News contributor Sara Carter, calls the protesters “Antifa losers.”

She also wrote Americans should not allow them to “threaten and intimidate.”

According to Fox 2 Now, Hawley has became a “leading voice” against the certification of the Electoral College vote. 

Protesters Were Shown, Live

Activists and opposing individuals call the senator’s claims a lie. According to Patrick Young, an organizer of ShutDownDC, what the protesters did “was not a threatening behavior,” per the Washington Post.

Young said those people were “engaging in democracy” and “civil discourse.” 

He even called the event a “pretty tame and peaceful visit” to the Hawley’s house. 

Moreover, the organizers streamed the event live, hours before Hawley’s tweet. 

The video was almost an hour long and shows the protesters coming together before marching towards the senator’s house. The video also shows the number of protesters, which is around nine. 

At some point in the video, protesters are chanting, “Hawley Hawley shame on you” and “Biden, Harris won through and through.” 

At the 26:31 mark, a woman with a child opened the door, and exchanged words with the protesters.

In another part of the video, three protesters walked towards the house and placed a copy of the Constitution on the front door of Hawley’s house. 

ShutDownDC also posted about it on Twitter and wrote they “stopped by” Hawley’s house “to encourage him to rethink his attack on democracy.” 

Lastly, at around the 36:31 mark, a police officer was talking to a protester. However, she did not arrest anyone and decided to stand by while the protesters continued with their demonstration.  



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