Harry styles with his thumbs up in a concert

Harry Styles stayed with a suburban family and hung out at a fan’s house, and no one found out.

It is not so often that a lot of people would attest to a person’s kindness, especially the famous ones. 

Former One Direction member, Harry Styles, is one of those people. 

Fans and other people would often attest that they admire him for being a talented artist and a kind person.

Aside from being kind, they’d also attest how he is one of the politest artists around, especially with fans. 

According to a Billboard excerpt about Styles, the “narrative” of his kindness started with his “devotion to his mother.”

Apparently, Styles was very close to her. 

So, it would not come as a surprise that at some point in his One Direction career, Styles ended up being a polite houseguest to a TV show producer, Ben Winston, for more than a year. 

The Billboard shared in the excerpt that despite living with “an Orthodox Jewish family” for twenty months, no one found it out. 

Winston shared, Styles was living with his family “in the most mundane suburban situation.”

In fact, even when they dined out with him, no one found out. 

“It’s such a sweet family neighborhood,’ said Winton. That’s why when the One Direction sweetheart left their home, the family felt “gutted.”

Variety recently named Styles Hitmaker of the Year  due to some of his hit songs “Adore You” and “Watermelon Sugar” and his 2nd studio album, “Fine Line.”

Harry Styles and Ben Winston out on the street

Stayed at a Fan’s House, Without Her Knowing

It is not the first time someone shared an anecdote about Styles being a good house guest. 

Last month a fan shared a very interesting story about him. 

Styles apparently stayed at one of her fan’s house after his car broke down on the street near their house.

The fan, Theadora, shared the story on her Instagram.

According to her, Styles hung out in her house, drank tea with her father, and then fed her goldfish.

With all those good stuff that happened inside her house, it was kind of devastating as she was not around that time.

Styles, however, left her a note saying, “looking forward to meeting you soon.” 


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