A man off-focus points a gun

On Sunday, a 12-year-old girl died due to fatal wounds sustained from the indiscriminate firing of unknown gunmen on Saturday in the South West Region of Cameroon, according to Reuters India.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs confirmed the gunmen killed eight children and injured twelve others, per the Guardian.

Deutsche Welle reported that authorities have declared to launch a manhunt and “kill” the ones responsible for the unspeakable act.

Who are the Perpetrators? 

Neither separatists demanding independence nor the army claimed responsibility for the gruesome and violent incident, per Reuters.

Although the parents and the officials claimed that separatist insurgents actively operate in the region, the Guardian reported.

English-speaking separatists have dictated curfews and shut down schools in protest against President Paul Biya’s French-speaking government, per Al Jazeera.

The city sub-prefect Ali Anougou and another official blamed Saturday’s attack on the separatists. 

However, both officials did not present any evidence, according to Al Jazeera.

It’s unclear whether the gunmen are associated with the English speakers calling for reforms and the military, Al Jazeera reported.

The Anglophones from the Northwest and Southwest Regions have complained of discrimination and called for reforms starting late 2016. 

Innocent children from a school in Cameroon

The Witnesses Accounts 

“The government” should take the blame for “everything that is happening,” said Claude Ngwane, Reuters India reported.

Claude Ngwane, a grieving father, reportedly saw the gunmen drive by in the direction of Mother Francisca Memorial College in Kumba.

The 36-year old carpenter was working at his shed when he saw 12 gunmen on four motorbikes.

Ngwane added that one of the gunmen has a rocket launcher.

“I assumed they were just passing,” but we heard nonstop “gunshots” that carried on for about “five minutes,” Ngwane said.

After which, “the gunmen drove by again,” added the father of the slain 12-year-old.

Deutsche Welle reported that a witness claimed that Ambazonia, the English-speaking west fighters were responsible for the bloodshed.

“Ambazonian fighters arrived [at] the school” and started shooting the kids, said the anonymous local witness.

The perpetrators said the “students are traitors for attending classes” despite their call for class boycott, the witness continued.

It is truly upsetting and tragic that the citizens of one nation are still divided by their colonial past.

What’s worse, they involve children who are going to lead the nation someday.


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