Johnny depp outside the London courts

A few days ago, Pirates of the Caribbean actor, Johnny Depp, announced his resignation from his role as Grindelwald in the Warner Bros. movie series, Fantastic Beasts.

A few days after, it was revealed that Depp would still get over $10 million from Warner Bros. 

This is due to the so-called “pay-or-play” contract most Hollywood A-lister stars like Depp has, the Hollywood Reporter reported. 

Warner Bros. is required to fully compensate him whether the movie pushed through or not, or even if they recast him.

The amount Depp will get is his full salary from starring as Grindelwald in the movie. However, due to a recent loss in the London courts, Depp has to leave the franchise. 

Depp had only shot one scene from the movie before his premature departure from it.  

Depp’s exit from the role has required the Warner Bros. to recast the role. 

Last week, London’s Royal Courts of Justice sided with the British newspaper, the Sun, against Depp’s libel case against them. 

In 2018, the Sun wrote an article calling Depp a “wife-beater” after his ex-wife, accused him of domestic abuse. 

Although he lost the case in London, Depp shared in his Instagram post that he will not stop fighting and make an appeal. 

Depp waving to fans beside the logo of the sun

Colin Farrell Is Not Available

Fans immediately called for the reinstatement of Seven Psychopaths’ star, Colin Farrell, to return to the role of Grindelwald. 

According to Yahoo News, one fan commented Farrel “oozes gravitas” that is essential to playing Grindelwald. 

Farrell played Grindelwald in disguise in the first installment of Fantastic Beasts, and reprising the role sounds like the right thing to do. 

However, Farrell is most likely not available to return to the role, Variety reported. 

According to Variety, Farrell’s role as the Penguin in The Batman would likely stop the actor from committing to the Grindelwald role. 

The Batman is also currently in production in London, the same with Fantastic Beasts. 


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