Billy Joe Armstrong next to a photo of Trump

Green Day lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, joked that “there hasn’t been a dull moment” during US President Donald Trump’s one-term presidency in the US. 

The Green Day frontman recently had an interview with NME where he talks about his new album “No Fun Mondays’, music, and Trump. 

The interview came a few days before the release of Armstrong’s new albumNo Fun Mondays.

Armstrong’s new album includes his take on various songs he released on his Instagram during the lockdown. 

The project, which began in March, is just something the vocalist did to keep himself busy. 

According to him, he just knew that the rest of the year is getting canceled. 

His fans who have heard his covers found it refreshing and felt “a little bit normal” listening to his music, a sentiment the singer also shares. 

Armstrong next to Tre Cool onstage

On Trump, After His Defeat and Holding the People Hostage

Early this month, the US had its 2020 Presidential elections.

According to the latest tallies from different news outlets, former Vice President, Joe Biden, got more electoral and popular votes than Trump. 

However, Trump still has not conceded to the election results. 

According to the Green Day singer, despite Trump’s non-conceding attitude, “it’s inevitable that Trump has to leave.”

However, Trump is “holding half of the country hostage.” 

He also added he is not sure which side it is, the people supporting him or the people against him.

Per the Associated Press, as of writing, Biden already got 306 electoral votes, to Trump’s 232. 

Just recently, the GSA administrator, Emily Murphy, notified the Biden camp can now get access to millions of dollars in federal funds.

Also, the president-elect will start getting other resources to begin the transition of power from the Trump administration. 

Steering Away from Politics? 

Early this year, the group released its “Father of All…” album. 

According to Green Day’s frontman in a USA Today interview, the album is “almost a conscious effort to deflect politics.” 

A far cry from its past political songs like “American Idiot,” and “21st Century Breakdown.” 

Armstrong confessed to not knowing how to write about calling out on Trump without it feeling like it’s just adding more toxicity, he said. 


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