Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has tested positive for COVID-19.

Stitt is the first governor in the United States to test positive.

The republican governor said he is in quarantine and mostly asymptomatic.

“I feel fine,”

“I was pretty shocked that I was the first governor to get it.”

-Governor Stitt

“I’ll be taking precautions. I’m now isolated away from my family,” Stitt said, adding that his family have all tested negative. “I’ll be working from home until it’s ready to get back to normal. So I’ll be doing a lot more Zoom calls.”

“I want to use my story to remind Oklahomans that if you aren’t feeling well, we want you to get tested,” said Stitt.

He added that he is not considering a statewide mask mandate as of now.

“I know that some businesses are mandating masks and that’s great. But you can’t pick and choose what freedoms you’re going to give people. So if the businesses want to do it, if some local municipalities want to do it, that’s fine. But again, we also respect people’s rights to stay home if they want, to run their businesses, or to not wear a mask,” .

Stitt also added that he is not planning on taking back any of the state’s reopening plans at the moment.

The governor is currently receiving backlash for photo he posted of himself at a crowded restaurant, which he later deleted.

Kevin Stitt

Where Did Stitt Catch It?

On Tuesday, Stitt attended a meeting for the Commissioners of the Land Office.

The event was attended by three of the commission’s five members and Republican Representative, Mark McBride.

Stitt did not wear a mask at the meeting and a mandatory quarantine for those who attended has not been determined.

Stitt wore a mask at a press conference on June 30th and has since advised Oklahomans to wear one.

The governor attended Trump’s Tulsa rally last month where very few people in a crowd of 6,200 people wore masks.

Stitt stated that the event was too long ago to be the cause of his illness. He added that he most likely caught the virus within the last two weeks.

Tulsa has experienced a surge of positive cases following the President’s rally.

Health officials announced that more than 1,000 people tested positive on Monday setting a single day record for the most cases in the state.

In total, there are near 2,000 cases of COVID-19 in Oklahoma. So far, the virus has been responsible for taking 428 lives.


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