California Governor Gavin Newsom told the San Diego County on Wednesday that it cannot isolate the San Diego State University (SDSU) from its COVID-19 case count. 

“A campus community” is “part of a larger community,” says Newsom in a response to the county’s request for exemption. 

Newsom’s answer to San Diego might push the county into the more restrictive purple tier of the State’s reopening guidelines. 

The county reported 264 new COVID-19 cases and 6 deaths on Wednesday. 

COVID-19 cases in San Diego now totals to 43,445 and 784 deaths. 

SDSU’s Cases Affected The County’s Sudden Spike

SDSU reported around 600 confirmed COVID-19 cases since it began its fall semester last month.

According to Dr. Wooten, SDSU’s number affected the spike of cases in the county. 

Request To Exempt SDSU From The Count

On Tuesday, San Diego County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar released a statement imploring the state to keep the County in the Red Tier. 

The county has a “major problem” with SDSU’s caseload, said Gaspar.

According to Gaspar, SDSU’s caseload might “shut down” the county’s economy “for a third time.” 

The county aims to “establish local control” in one week, added Gaspar in her statement.

The county will also remove the cases from SDSU without endangering businesses and “CARES Act money,” she said. 

The County’s top health officer, Dr. Wilma Wooten “made the request last week,” she said during the Supervisor’s meeting. 

According to her, the county could stay at the red tier without counting the SDSU cases. 

Supervisor Greg Cox said on Wednesday that he was writing a letter for Newsom to consider, per CBS8.

According to Cox, California gave the go signal for universities to reopen. 

“We don’t think it’s right to have those numbers included” with the overall cases in the region, said Cox. 

Some believe the county is asking for a “preferential treatment” from the state. 

However, Dr. Wooten does not see it that way. 

According to Wooten, the county is not asking for “preferential treatment.” 

However, “we are asking for consideration,” says Dr. Wooten. 


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