Just when coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc in the United States, giant Asian hornets called “murder hornets” had mysteriously found its way in Washington state, said Aljazeera report.

These 2-inch yellow-colored killers are the world’s largest hornet. It is also known to have an appetite for honey bees and has a sting that could prove fatal to some humans, according to an entomologist. 

“It’s a shockingly large hornet. It’s a health hazard, and more importantly, a significant predator of honey bees,” said Todd Murray, a Washington State University entomologist and invasive species specialist during an interview with Aljazeera. 

According to reports, the first sighting in the US was last December 2019, when the state Department of Agriculture verified two reports near Blaine, Washington. There were also two probable, but unconfirmed reports in Custer, Washington, south of Blaine.

It was dubbed the “Murder Hornet” in Japan, where it is known to kill people.

This hornet can sting through most beekeeper suits, has almost seven times amount of venom than a honey bee and give multiple stings.

It is normally found in forests and low mountains of eastern and Southeast Asia and feeds on large insects like bees and wasps.

How it found its way in North America is still unknown.


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