The featured image is Garett Foster. It was found out that the protester is armed.

Garrett Foster was carrying an AK-47 rifle, according to, as he and his fiancée participated in a Black Lives Matter demonstration.

Texas, a pro-­gun state across the board, allows rifles for both left and right supporters during protests.

Earlier in the night, Foster ran into an independent journalist, Hiram Gilberto Garcia at the said march Saturday.

Garcia recorded video of the protest and broadcasted it live on Periscope.

 He also filmed Foster with a gun strapped in front of him, Dallas News reported.

On the video, Foster said, people were no longer allowed to “march in the streets”, so he had to “practice some of our rights.” 

 “If I use it against” law enforcers, “I’m dead,” Foster added a matter-of-factly.

Ironically, later that night, Foster got shot not due to police brutality but because of a vehicle driver.

Various Accounts

As reported by the Dallas News, The motorist aggressively drove toward the protesters and started honking.

Police who monitored the protest and witnesses attest that Foster then approached the vehicle.

The driver then opened fire and shot Foster multiple times.

He was taken to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley was at a news conference Sunday.

Manley said the driver reported that Foster pointed his weapon at them, as per Dallas News.

 KVUE-TV reported that Foster did not fire at the motorist, according to the police. 

Someone else in the crowd returned shots as the vehicle left the scene, Dallas News added.

The Motorist’s Account

Boston News reported that the driver called 911 minutes after the incident to inform dispatchers that he had shot somebody.

The victim approached the vehicle’s window and pointed an AK-47 at the shooter.

Another witness, James Sasinowski said the driver did not want to wait as he was trying to turn a corner.

The motorist “intentionally and aggressively” plowed into the crowd, Sasinowski said. 

The other demonstrators and I “were not aggravating him at all.” 

The driver initiated the violence.

People could “hear the wheels” screeching due to the accelerator being hit fast,” said Michael Capochiano, another onlooker.

People were madly shouting at the driver. 

Garrett Foster turned toward the vehicle, his rifle pointed downward, Capochiano said.

Foster did not “aim the gun” nor did anything “aggressive with the gun,” Capochiano added.

The motorist, whose name has been withheld, was released while the police conducted further investigation.


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