Man in handcuffs, escorted by the police

Donald Neely, a Black man, sued the city of Galveston and its police due to a humiliating arrest last year.

Neely filed his lawsuit on Wednesday, per KHOU11. 

Last year, pictures of Neely’s arrest became viral online due to its disturbing image reminiscent of Antebellum South. 

The pictures show Neely walking between two horse-mounted police officers.

At the same time, his hands are tied behind him with a rope, held by one of the officers. 

Neely is suing the city for more than $1 million and is demanding a trial by jury, KHOU11 reported.

According to Neely’s lawsuit, he experienced humiliation and fear during the August 3, 2019 event.

The lawsuit charged the two Galveston officers’ lack of realization that their actions of leading Neely with a rope “as though he was a slave” were offensive, ABC News reported.  

Neely claims in his lawsuit that he felt he was “put on display” like slaves then, per KHOU11,  

According to CBS News, Neely was homeless at the time of his arrest.

Moreover, he was sleeping on the sidewalk when the officers arrested him of trespassing. 

The Galveston Police apologized last year due to its officers’ “poor judgment.”

Furthermore, the department says the officers did not have “malicious intent” during the arrest. 

The court also dismissed Neely’s criminal charge of trespassing.

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Reminiscent of Slavery in America

The image of a Black Man in ropes in Galveston sparked outrage from different people last year.

James Douglas, President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), saw “utter disrespect for another human being,” per a CBS News report last year. 

According to Douglas, with the Galveston incident, the first thing that came to his mind was that it is already 2019, not 1819. 

Moreover, it recalls the 18th century’s Antebellum South when slaves are forced to walk alongside their owners mounted on a horse.

Douglas added that had it been a white person, the incident would never happen.


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