French Threat Driving

A woman was driving home to Gujranwala with her children on Tuesday around 1:30 am, when the car ran out of fuel near Gujjarpura, Pakistan local paper, Daily Times reported.

Stranded And Vulnerable 

Stuck and waiting for her husband to come and assist her, two unidentified assailants approached the vehicle.

The male aggressors then smashed the window, pointed a gun, and forced the woman and her children to exit the vehicle.

In the nearby fields, the assailants forced themselves on her in the presence of her children.

The woman recounts that the men took her cash, jewelry, and ATM cards after molesting her, per Daily Times.

Why Drive Without a Male Companion?

Umar Shaikh, the newly-appointed police chief of Lahore ignited national backlash when he seemingly blamed the female victim, Al Jazeera reported.

The police chief reproached the woman saying she should have taken another route to go home, India.Com detailed.

It is shocking that “a mother of three” drove by herself “late at night”, he said.

She should “have taken the GT (Grand Trunk) road” due to its dense population, the police chief added.

He also said that no Pakistani would permit “their sisters and daughters to travel alone” at an ungodly hour, per Channel News Asia.

Umar Shaikh continued his tirade that the woman, a resident of France likely “mistook that Pakistan is as safe” as her home country.

Human Rights Advocates Angered Over the Victim Blaming

Shireen Mazari, a human rights minister, remarked that the police chief’s declarations were unacceptable, according to Channel News Asia.

There is “nothing” that could justify “the crime of r**e,” Mazari added.

They Should Apologize For Their Incompetence 

“People in charge” making such remarks should apologize for their failure “to protect” Pakistan “citizens,” Khadija Siddiqui told Al Jazeera.

Siddiqui is an activist and lawyer who, in 2016, was attacked and stabbed 23 times.

She added that police officers who dealt with gender-based crimes were often “part of the problem.”

These officers are “complicit.”

They shouldn’t be in these positions which involves protecting “the state.”


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