The leader of France appears not to take his country’s mandates seriously as he removed his mask while addressing students at a French college. 

President Emmanuel Macron had a slight coughing fit and decided to take off his mask while students were just an arm’s length behind him, as shown on a clip uploaded by Euronews.

President Macron was addressing the students at a vocational college in the central city of Clermont-Ferrand.

Macron was visiting the region of Auvergne to endorse regulations for “equal opportunities” for youths from underprivileged backgrounds.

I’m Choking

Macron said in his address that the government will “continue” to make the internship “contracts” accessible to more youths.”

However, he was having a tough time with his cloth mask and struggling to continue with his address.

“I’m going to try to finish,” he said. 

Macron eventually gave up, took off his facial cover, had a coughing fit, and swapped his mask for a lightweight one.

“We maintain distance but I’m choking,” Macron said.

He donned on “a lighter mask” saying that he “ must have absorbed something” from the previous mask.

Twitter Is Appalled 

The French are required to don on masks in public in numerous parts of the country.

Twitter users, therefore, quickly called out the French president for coughing while he wasn’t wearing his facial cover.

They also said this violated the imposed measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Some pointed out that he also handled his new mask and received a glass of water from someone without using an antibacterial gel.

In a translated tweet, Astride Marchal wrote on Twitter:

“The president coughs outside of his mask.” 

After that, “he stretches out his hand to take and return a glass of water.”  

Sans “gel” nor “handwashing.” 

“What can we hope for ?” 

Another Twitter user, Johan Faerber wrote:

He can’t put up with the “fabric masks” that are “sparingly distributed” to educators.

Macron only used it for “five minutes.” 

What do teachers have to say, who are forced to speak with one sometimes for eight hours per day? 

Can you imagine how “forced” the teachers feel using those masks and speaking “for eight hours” daily?

Is this President “making fun of” what is happening in “the world?”

Twitter user Merchants Garcon pointed out that Macron “imposes the mask on citizens” when “he cannot even bear it for more than an hour.”

Repeat Offender 

This is not the first time Macron’s attitude and habits of wearing a facial cover have drawn criticism from the public.

Early May, while he was visiting a primary school, he briefly uncovered his face and nose cover to show his face to pupils.

His government has been widely slammed for its inconsistent policy on the use of face masks during the pandemic. 


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