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San Diego County announced it will start offering free flu shots to San Diegans starting October.

The announcement is part of the county’s effort to lessen the risk of influenza and coronavirus among its citizens. 

Also, the effort aims to lessen the burden from doctors and hospitals this coming flu season, especially with COVID-19, still around. 

According to the News Center’s reportevery year, the county funds clinics across the county with free flu shot vaccinations. 

San Diego’s public health officer, Dr. Wilma Wooten says, the clinics “are free” and mainly for people without “medical insurance.”

Six clinics will offer free flu shots from October to November and will be open from morning to afternoon. 

Moreover, the vaccines will be available for children from six months and up and adults. 

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The CDC Encourages Everyone to Get Vaccinated 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages everyone, six months and up to get the vaccine. 

They also recommend everyone to get vaccinated every year due to the changing flu viruses. 

According to the CDC, people should get vaccinated before the flu starts spreading in the community, preferably at the end of October.

Aside from preventing illnesses, it can also help in fewer hospital visitations and possibly death.

Also, the vaccination helps in lowering some “cardiac events” among people with chronic health conditions, per CDC.

For pregnant women, not only does it protect the mother from getting flu, but it also protects the baby from getting ill after birth. 

The More Important Question, Does the Flu Vaccine Lessen the Chance of Contracting COVID-19?

There is no evidence showing a flu vaccine can make someone immune to the coronavirus, although it protects people from influenza.

However, getting the vaccine during flu season can be helpful for everyone. 

Not only will it protect people from the flu, but it can also lessen confusion among people and in the hospitals, per the Associated Press (AP).

With the coronavirus still around, it will be difficult to distinguish the two due to their similar symptoms.


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