Free Equine Therapy For COVID-19 Frontliners

Health care workers and first-responders are in for a good treat as the Ivey Ranch Park extends its free equine therapy for them.

The ranch will be opening its gates again to frontline workers for the second time this year, as per CBS8. 

In addition, the event is also extended to the front liners’ family members. 

The event’s aim is to show gratitude to the front liners of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The event has become so popular that more than a hundred people sign up each time there is an event.

A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Middle Of A Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic affected almost everyone all over the world as the infections quickly spread everywhere. 

As a result, healthcare workers have become the unwitting heroes of the pandemic. 

Furthermore, they are also one of the most overworked sectors since the start of the pandemic. 

“We feel appreciated,” Karren Hertz-Hetorn, a medical employee told CBS8.

Hertz-Hetorn went to the ranch together with her son, husband, and friends to spend more quality time with them. 

Sarah Williams, a 911 dispatcher also went to the ranch to spend more time with her family. 


Moreover, the therapy is also a way for her and her family to heal from her husband’s loss. 

“We lost my husband, their dad, to a wrong way drunk driver a year and a half ago,” she said. “So this is something that is definitely going to help them de-stress and enjoy”. 

“It’s just our way of saying thanks for everything you’ve done,” Tonya Danielly, Ivey Ranch Park Executive Director told CBS8. 

“It doesn’t matter what department you’re in. You felt the stress and had a lot going on, and we appreciated what you have done,” she added.

Horses’ “gentle natures improve mental and emotional states”, according to the Ranch. Furthermore, it helps with a person’s sense of well-being. 

How do you feel about the free equine therapy?


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