Emmanuel Macron gestures for a halt on a podium

Head of state, President Emmanuel Macron, declared on Wednesday that residents of major cities will be subjected to curfew from 9 PM to AM, according to Deutsche Welle (DW).

Paris, You are Not Alone 

The four-week time restriction in France will apply to locals in Paris and eight other major cities from Friday night into Saturday.

Macron also declared curfew on Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Rouen, Saint-Etienne and Toulouse .

Anyone breaking the curfew will face a fine of $159 (€135).

The curfew will prohibit residents from going to restaurants or private homes during the indicated hours.

France should not worry though, because the nation has more than 400 cities.

Albeit not all cities brag Michelin-starred restaurants, a handful of other cities have decent ones, right?

Also, if one household has one moderately good cook, skip the restaurants altogether until the pandemic is over.

A COVID-19 patient stares off into the distance from his window

A Worrying Situation Indeed

Health authorities announced on Wednesday that more than 9,100 patients are being hospitalized for COVID-19 treatment, per DW.

That’s is the highest figure France saw since June. Thus, the healthcare system, sooner or later, will be overwhelmed.

President Macron said that France has to take action by putting “a brake on the spread” of the infection.

He added that people should not be “ partying with friends” because France has the highest “risk of contamination.”

France is facing “a worrying situation,” however, we have “not lost control” of it, Macron added.

France recorded 22,591 new cases of infection on Wednesday and confirmed a 33,037 death toll, according to Associated Press (AP).

Are Macron’s words reassuring enough despite being engulfed by the second wave of infection?

Government Aid 

Also, the government will deploy 12,000 police officers to make sure that the curfew is being observed, according to AP.

France also plans to dole out 1 billion euros to aid businesses that will be affected by the restrictions.

The French administration pledged as well to extend temporary unemployment payments for sectors that are hard-hit.


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