The global pandemic coronavirus maybe far from over, but France has set its eyes on using bicycles as a mode of transportation in Paris.

This is to ease overcrowding at transport hubs; encourage cycling; and, keep cars off the city streets, according to a Reuters report.

Olivier Schneider president of French cycling federation (FUB) said cycling can ease the pressure when the coronavirus strikes back.

“Cycling can contribute to preventing a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic,” Schneider said.

FUB is also coordinating a bike repair program.

France will contribute 50 euros per person towards bicycle repairs after a nationwide coronavirus lockdown ends on May 11, said Reuters.

FUB said the government has prepared 300,000 checks worth 50 euros for the repair program and said the scheme would be extended if it is a success.

Paris and other cities are also planning to create new bike lanes by taking space away from car lanes.

French Environment Minister Elisabeth Borne said a 20 million euro ($22 million) plan is earmarked for repairing bicycles, installing temporary bike parking spaces, and financing cycling coaching sessions.

The report added, that government is keen to get more people cycling and reduce overcrowding in metros and buses, where it is hard to practice the social distancing required to prevent virus transmission.

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