Former Superman Actor, Schooled By Fans

People, especially comic fans are not happy with Dean Cain’s response to a Time Magazine article written by Elena Dockterman. 

A Times op-ed article made its round last week after Dockterman called for a re-evaluation of superheroes and justice in mainstream media. 

On Thursday, Fox & Friends host, Ainsley Earhardt asked Cain on his opinion about this article. 

The Interview

The situation is “insane”, said the former Superman actor on people screaming “anti-police rhetoric all day long.  

However, once their lives are threatened, they will call 911 “and a police officer will show up”, Cain added.

Cain also agreed that there were also bad cops in the force. 

“Yes, there have been some bad apples, there have been some bad situations,” he said. 

However, “99.9% of all police officers are fantastic” because they “serve and protect” and “do a fantastic job, Cain said. 

Cain then criticized the “cancel culture”, saying that it’s “crazy” and resembles an “early version of George Orwell’s” novel, 1984. 

It is like “newspeak”, he said, where, “up is down, war is peace, freedom is slavery” and “ignorance is strength”. 

The Superman actor then went on to address the content of the article. 

The author of the article “makes a bunch of claims that are totally untrue”, he explained. 

The article says that people’s tolerance for law enforcement impunity has been decreasing.

The statement is wrong, said Cain, as impunity is something that people will never tolerate.

Cain also rejected the idea of Hollywood, heroizing cops, by enumerating a bunch of films that do not glorify them. 

This includes The Wire, Training Day, The Departed, and Rambo. 

“A bad cop is a great villain because they are not supposed to be bad,” Cain explained. 

“I promise you, as Superman, I wouldn’t today be allowed to say, ‘truth, justice, and the American way,” Cain concluded. 

Schooled By Comic Fans And A Comic Artist

A Twitter user posted the video of Cain with Earhardt on Twitter where it trended and now has more than 3000 retweets and likes. 

The post also garnered more than 2000 comments from different people. 

Cain’s comment on Superman not being allowed to say “truth, justice and the American way” produced some backlash.  

Some commenters on Cain’s interview are comic fans. 

In fact, one of them is even a comic artist that contributed to the Superman comic series. 

Some Twitter users explained Superman’s origin, 

Comic writer Tom King also commented on Cain’s statement, as King had used the phrase for his comic this year. 


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