The featured image is Spain's former King Juan Carlos I. The article focuses on him leaving Spain amid financial scandal.

Juan Carlos I, Spain’s former king, is moving outside of Spain, as per a letter he wrote to his song, King Felipe VI. 

The letter was shared by the Royal Household. 

The move is to protect the Royal House from embarrassment and to assist King Felipe in his duty. 

In 2014, Juan Carlos abdicated his throne after 39 years of being King. 

According to reports in 2014, this is due to his deteriorating health and a controversial hunting trip in Botswana.

The trip has affected his popularity negatively, as it happened during a time when Spain was undergoing a financial crisis. 

A Letter to King Felipe VI

Juan Carlos wrote the King a letter to bid him goodbye and help him in his position as King. 

“I wish to express to you my utmost availability to contribute the facilitation of the execution of your functions,” he wrote.

“My legacy, and my own person, demand it,” he added. 

The decision, according to him is something that he makes “with sadness” however, “with great serenity.” 

The former king signed his letter, “with love and affection, your father.”

Distancing from the Former King

The former King of Spain is currently in hot waters due to media reports of alleged past financial transactions.  

People are “hearing some unsettling reports that disturb all of us,” said Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, as per the Guardian.

It disturbs him too, he added.

The recent reports about the former King are now creating immense pressure on Spain’s monarchy, analysts told CNN. 

In fact, in March, King Felipe VI relinquished all personal inheritance from the former King. 

This is after reports saying that he will receive millions of Euros from foreign funding, connected to Saudi Arabia, the Guardian reported.

Due to this, King Felipe VI decided to cut off the former king’s annual public stipend. 

The act is Felipe’s way to distance himself from his father’s scandals, said the Guardian. 

Recently, the former King of Spain is under investigation due to scandals on past financial transactions. 


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