Former Ca Governors

Current and former Californian Governors got together for a video project tasked to urge the public to wear face coverings.

The video includes former governors of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gray Davis, Jerry Brown, and Pete Wilson.

Also, current Governor Gavin Newsom is also in the video.

All of them stressed the importance of wearing masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Every governor took a turn in speaking to the Californians.

“Hey, maybe you didn’t vote for me,” said Schwarzenegger, who beat Davis in a tightly contested recall election in 2003.

“No matter who you voted for, or if you didn’t vote at all, it doesn’t change that Californians look after each other,” Newsom said.

“It didn’t go away just because your mall is open at 50% capacity,” Schwarzenegger said.

Newsom finished the video by donning his own mask and reiterating a simple message: “Just do it.”

Why Do We Have To Wear A Mask?

California’s hospitalizations and the total number of cases have been on the rise during its recent reopening campaign, according to LAist.

Californian Balancing Act (2nd title)

Gov. Newsom stressed to Californians to wear face coverings to protect against the coronavirus. Click here to read more about the order.

Newsom asked this as businesses were allowed to safely reopen after several days.

This coincided with the state seeing its highest virus hospitalizations and number of infections to date.

This prompted the video campaign to promote the use of masks featuring four former California governors.

This is to reach not only supporters but also Newsom’s critics, said an NBC Bay Area report.

As California is balancing public safety and keeping the wheels of the economy turning, Newsom said:

“We don’t intend to do that, we don’t want to do that,” adding. “I want to make this clear. We are prepared to do that if we must.”

In recent weeks, the state released detailed guidelines.

This is for how settings ranging from fitness centers and day camps to restaurants and museums can do so safely.

But last week imposed a new mask requirement that Newsom said takes precedence over the earlier recommendations.



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