Chinese and Iranian hackers unsuccessfully tried to access the personal email accounts of campaign staff with phishing. 

Shane Huntley of Google Threat Analysis Group tweeted that his group “saw China APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) group targeting Biden campaign staff and Iran APT targeting Trump campaign staff”. He added that the information was also passed to federal law enforcement.

The Biden campaign said in a statement, “We have known from the beginning of our campaign that we would be subject to such attacks and we are prepared for them. Biden for President takes cybersecurity seriously, we will remain vigilant against these threats and will ensure that the campaign’s assets are secured”.

A spokesperson of the Trump campaign said the campaign is vigilant about cybersecurity. According to him, “we are vigilant about cybersecurity and do not discuss any of our precautions”.

The nation will be heading into an expected bitter election and the hacking attempts are a reminder of the successful hacks on the Clinton campaign in 2016.


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