The background image is the picture of Florida. The reason is that it is the key focus of the article. There is a tremendous increase of covid-19 cases at the place.

The Florida Department of Health has reported a new coronavirus record, said a CNN report.

There were at least 15,299 new coronavirus cases.

This is the highest number of new cases in a single day by any state since the coronavirus pandemic began.

The record from Saturday was reported by the state Sunday morning, said the report.

However, this was not just the number of new cases that Florida broke.

The Other Shattered Record

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, Florida shattered records over the weekend.

Johns Hopkins University said they recorded a test positivity rate of 19.6% as of Sunday.

The rate indicates how the virus is spreading.

More than half of the states are dealing with increased rates of new cases compared to last week.

Meanwhile, more than half of the states have paused or rolled back their reopening plans.

Doing so, they hope to have the coronavirus under control.

Currently, some state and local leaders are in at odds with one another.

The Finger-Pointing

The State of Georgia had its fair share of finger-pointing.  

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp criticized Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ decision to move the city’s reopening back to phase 1.

Kemp said the Mayor’s decision was “merely guidance — both non-binding and legally unenforceable.”

The Governor tweeted:

“Clearly stated in my executive orders, no local action can be more or less restrictive, and that rule applies statewide.”

Phase 1 means residents must stay home except for essential trips.

The mayor argued the state reopened and that Georgians were “suffering the consequences.”

She also pointed out that local and statewide, there are higher rates of hospitalizations and deaths.

An American Tragedy

In Florida, Rep. Donna Shalala said what happens in Miami is “an American tragedy.”

She is referring to Miami which is closer to shutting down for a second time.

She added:

“It’s out of control across the state.”

“Because our governor won’t even tell to wear masks.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis has not implemented a mask mandate.

DeSantis claimed last week the state has “stabilized where we’re at.”


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