Rebekah Jones beside police lights

On Monday morning, the house of a former Florida state employee, Rebekah Jones, was raided by the state police, reports said.  

Jones, a data scientist, wrote on Twitter, the police executed a warrant on her computer after the DOH “filed a complaint.” 

The data scientist posted the video of the raid on Twitter and called the police, the Gestapo. She added that Governor Ron DeSantis sent them. 

The beginning of the video shows Jones going outside the door after the police asked her to go outside.

The Florida police also asked her who else is in the house, to which Jones replied, her husband and her two children. 

She already has her hands up while the police officers are telling her to calm down with their guns out. 

In her tweet, Jones shared that the officers pointed a gun in her face and at her kids. 

She also tweeted they took all her hardware and tech. 

After the event, Governor DeSantis’s spokesperson, Fred Piccolo, told CNN that the governor does not have any involvement or knowledge of the investigation. 

Moreover, Rick Swearingen, the department’s commissioner, said officers did not point their weapons at anyone in the home. 

Gretl Plessinger, the law enforcement department’s spokesperson, shared Jones refused to come to the door for 20 minutes, per CNN. 

Ron Desantis giving a speech in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

What Happened in May? 

Florida’s Department of Health fired Jones in May for her repeated insubordination and disruptive behavior, says DeSantis’ spokesperson.

However, the former Geographic Information Systems manager argued the DOH fired her for refusing to manipulate the state’s data. The action was meant to make Florida appear like it is doing well to make it reopen its economy. 

Florida Lawyer Resigned After the Raid

One of DeSantis’ appointed lawyers in Florida’s Judicial Nominating Commission resigned on Tuesday. The resignation came after officers raided Jones’ house. 

According to the Tampa Bay Times, lawyer Ron Filipkowski resigned to call attention to the way the Governor has handled the public’s access to “truthful” COVID-19 data. Also, to call the attention against the raid of Jones’ house. 


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