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Do you sometimes wish you could go back in time and not have tweeted something you would later regret on Twitter? 

Well, then Twitter’s new feature, “Fleets,” might just help you with that. 

Twitter recently announced a new feature that would encourage more discussions among its users. 

“Fleets” is Twitter’s answer to people afraid of joining in the conversation due to Tweets feeling so “public” and “permanent.”

According to its blog post, some people feel there’s so much pressure “to rack up Retweets and Likes.” 

“Fleets” was first tested in other countries like Brazil, Italy, South Korea, and India.

After Fleets’ initial tests in other countries, Twitter found out it’s easier for people to share casual thoughts with Fleets.

The reason? because they can automatically disappear afterward. 

Just Like Instagram Story? 

Just like Instagram Stories, Twitter Fleet would only be available for 24 hours. After that, it will automatically disappear from the platform. 

Also, aside from its 24-hour only feature, people can customize their Fleets with different types of media.

Just like in usual Twitter, where people can tweet and comment on a post, people can also do that on Fleet. 

Once posted, someone’s followers can then react through direct messages or emojis. 

Twitter also said in its blogpost that the format for Fleets already sounds familiar to people. 

It is because Twitter found out that the format, which is like Instagram Stories, makes joining in conversations more comfortable. 

Twitter India's mobile interface with fleet

Issues on Privacy and Safety

After it became available globally, some Twitter users noticed individuals wouldn’t know when someone posted their tweets on Fleet. 

The discovery worries some users who believe some people might abuse it and further harassment online. 

Opinion: Not Creating a Safe Space

Although Twitter shared in its blog post that they wanted to lessen the pressure people feel when sharing on the platform. 

It does not mean it can create a safe space for everyone, especially the ones who have different views or opinions on social issues.

One, people can still screenshot the post, and a lot can still happen within 24 hours.

Let’s face it, despite Twitter’s benefits, especially in mobilizing people towards advocacies and social change, it has also enabled some bad stuff on the platform. 

For example, Twitter has enabled “clout-chasers,” cancel culture, hate speech, and trolls to thrive on its platform despite its policy against hate and violence. 

Add to that the danger of not knowing if someone posts their tweets on another fleet without their knowledge. 

Unless Twitter can think of ways to face those issues in its platform, it will remain an unsafe place for some. 


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