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Last week, Twitter announced its own “story” like feature on its platform, Twitter Fleets

An Effort to Encourage Discussion

According to a Twitter blog post, this addition to the microblogging platform aims to encourage more discussion. 

Fleets, unlike typical tweets, would be deleted on the app after 24-hours giving users a sense of comfort due to its temporariness. 

Tweeting has become “so public” and “so permanent” that some users found garnering likes and retweet pressuring. 

In fact, according to Twitter, a lot of tweets remain in drafts. 

The feeling of impermanence, it seems, would lower the pressure of tweeting for the more timid types of people. 

However, a few days after its launch, some users have begun reporting that Twitter Fleets, it seems, are not so fleeting at all. 

A screengrab from Twitter's promotional video

Not So Fleeting At All 

The bird platform’s own version of stories is set to disappear after 24 hours, that’s what Twitter said. 

However, a bug made that rule pretty useless. 

Twitter users themselves revealed this bug, per a TechCrunch report. 

According to a Twitter user, @donk_enby, the bug allows other viewers to see Fleets even after 24 hours. 

The bug allows other users to archive another person’s fleet without notifying them, so Twitter is not necessarily deleting them. 

In an email to the Verge, a Twitter spokesperson verified they are “aware of a bug accessible through a technical workaround.” 

Moreover, they’re already fixing this problem, the Twitter spokesperson wrote. 

Opinion: What It Means

It means the premise from which Twitter anchored its reason for launching Fleets is useless…for now. 

Twitter said it’s already fixing the problem. 

However, like other social media and tech companies, Twitter has its own copy of the Fleets users send. 

According to Twitter, they do this to enforce Twitter rules against users who violated its policies. 

So, in some way, Fleets is not so temporary at all. 


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