The new flag of Mississippi

Mississippi has decided to adopt its redesigned and new state flag on Tuesday, per New York Times Ballot projections. 

According to the Times projections, more than 70% of the voters have agreed to the change. 

The new Mississippi flag now includes a magnolia blossom and the phrase “In God We Trust.”

The new design is a far cry from its old flag showing the confederate symbol, which the state had used for more than a century. 

The old and new flag of Mississippi side-by-side

Surrendering a Divisive Symbol

In June, Mississippi’s lawmakers from both political parties voted for the removal of the Confederate symbol from its banner. 

Also, lawmakers appointed a commission to create a new design for its flag. 

Mississippi was the last US state to remove the symbol from its flag, making the votes from lawmakers in June a historical event. 

Although, before the approval of a flag change, the local government had faced enormous pressures from different sectors. 

In fact, the Mississippi Baptist Convention called the changing of the design “a moral issue.” 

The NCAA and Southeastern Conference also threatened a boycott if the state will not approve the change of the flag. 

Robert Johnson, a Democrat representative, said in June that having the confederate symbol in its flag has affected the assistance the state is getting. 

According to him, some organizations and people are reluctant to work with the state affecting its societal issues. 

However, with the new changes, especially for its flag, he is positive that other sectors or organizations will finally look at Mississippi in a different light. 

Choosing the Design

According to Mississippi Today, the commission has reviewed around 3,000 public submissions for the design of the new flag. 

The choosing process happened from summer to September. 

In September, the commission presented the design to Mississippians for them to decide if the state will adopt it.

The new design is a combination of multiple submissions from the public. 



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