America’s first lady, Melania Trump, announced on Monday her plans to renovate the White House Rose Garden. 

The project, according to the White House is an effort to “improve one of the most iconic locations” in the White House. 

Perry Guillot Inc and Oehme together with van Sweden & Associates/OvS joined forces to create the design plan. 

Both are top landscape architecture firms in the US. 

The future design plan will improve the Rose Garden’s Kennedy Administration design. 

Back then, the design was executed by American philanthropist, Rachel Lambert “Bunny” Mellon. 

The renovation will include “better drainage” and improved accessibility for Americans with Disabilities among others. 

It will also make use of the original 1962 blueprint to make sure there’s a healthy environment for plants to thrive. 

Preserving History And American Ideals

Melania Trump

According to the first lady, the act of planting itself requires “hard work” and “hope” for a better future. 

Protecting the White House’s history and beauty also reflects the nation’s dedication to American ideals. 

This is by “safeguarding” them for the future generation. 

Before going through the plan, it was first approved by the Committee for the Preservation of the White House (CPWH). 

The National Park Service also supports the project. 

Moreover, the project will be funded through private donations. 

Jacqueline Kennedy Or Marie Antoinette?

The first lady has been “channeling” Jacqueline Kennedy since the beginning of US President Donald Trump’s presidency, said The New York Times. 

In 2017, during Trump’s swearing-in ceremony, Mrs. Trump wore a dress referencing Jackie Kennedy. 

In fact, during another Times report, Mrs. Trump admits that she looks up to the former first lady. 

However, after the Times published the article on the first lady’s garden plans, a lot of critics called her out. 

Her critics took to Twitter to air their disappointment on Mrs. Trump’s decision. 

Despite the first lady mirroring Kennedy, critics pointed out that her actions reflect the beheaded French Queen, Marie Antoinette. 

One Twitter user wrote, “Melania Trump wants to be Jackie, but, instead, comes off as Marie Antoinette.”

Another Twitter user wrote, that the first lady emits “Real Marie Antoinette energy from the WH today.”


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