Arturo Gonzales became famous overnight and has acquired quite a following after his Facebook Live streaming video became viral. He was streaming a peaceful protest in the streets when he lost his bag. 

Gonzales said of his fame, “maybe it has a lot to do with my bag being stolen, like, where’s Arturo’s bag? That’s not what it is about. The reason I was out there in the first place, you know, fighting for black lives” 

He added that he wants to use this newly-found fame to raise awareness about black lives, “I wanted to use it towards good, not only for this movement, but later on I want to give back to the community”.

According to a CBS8 report, Gonzales is a young Hispanic LGBTQ man who grew up homeless and had faced struggles in his life, hence fighting for justice is already deeply ingrained in him. 

“A lot of us are angry, I’m angry as well. Every day I see more and more videos that are released of people killed by these cops abusing their power. It makes me so angry”. 

Gonzales is aware of COVID-19 health related concerns while protesting but believes that the much bigger virus is racial inequality. 

“Just like we are fighting Corona, we are fighting for Black Lives Matter”,he said. 

He asks those people who wanted to help him replace his old bag to donate and help the funding of Black Lives Matter instead. 


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