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The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) filed a complaint against Google for breaking US labor laws, reports said. 

The complaint says Google violated US labor law when it spied and terminated its workers who organized employee protests last year.

According to the Guardian, the complaint was filed on Wednesday, almost one year after Google’s terminated employees launched a year-long investigation against the company. 

Laurence Berland, one of Google’s former employees, describes NLRB’s filing of the complaint, a significant move against tech billionaires consolidating control over people’s lives and society. 

The google offices with employees

What Happened in 2019 

In 2019, Google terminated a lot of its employees after they tried pushing back against Google’s policy changes.

According to the Verge and the Guardian, former Google employees Kathlyn Spier, and Berland, organized against Google’s decision to employ IRI Consultants.

IRI Consultants is a firm popular for its anti-union stance and union-busting efforts.

Moreover, Spier, a security engineer, published a code creating a pop-up notification for Google employees visiting IRI Consultants’ website. 

Google sacked the two of them last year. After that, both filed a federal complaint against Google with the NLRB. 

Spier and Berland, in the complaint, alleges Google’s termination of them is unlawful since the federal labor law protects organizing. 

Also, Spier alleges Google of targeting its most vulnerable employees. 

Spier, a transwoman, shared that among Google’s five terminated employees who organized then, three of them are transwoman. 

Is Google Still the Happiest Place For Employees? 

Google has created a brand for itself as the happiest place to work in the world.  

In fact, in 2020, CareerBliss, an online career community that helps people find happiness in their careers and workplace, ranked Google as the number one happiest company. 

The award came despite the tensions and issues Google faced in the past years.

In fact, aside from its alleged violation of federal labor laws, Google was also involved in a s*xual harassment scandal. 

One of Google’s employees accused a former executive, Andy Rubin, of s*xual misconduct. Moreover, although Google found the accusation credible, they didn’t fire Rubin. Instead, he got a hero’s farewell and a substantial exit package.  


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