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Gun shops in New York report an increasing rate of gun sales since the start of the pandemic in February, Agence France-Press (AFP) reported. 

Increasing Civil Unrest

According to AFP, Americans’ gun-buying frenzy is fueled by the pandemic and accelerated by politics and civil unrest. 

People are threatened, said a gun salesman in New York, John Aaron, per Spectrum News. 

Jimmy Gong, the owner of Jimmy’s Sports Shop, said people buy shotguns and rifles to protect their homes. 

“People are afraid of home invasion” due to the increasing crime rate, rioting, and looting, he said. 

Al Materazo, a New York resident, bought his gun at the onset of the pandemic around February. 

According to him, owning a gun and stocking up on ammunition was not a part of his lifestyle. 

However, because of the pandemic, Materazo thought a lot of people would become unemployed and might “resort to robbery.” 

“I want to be able to protect my family,” Materazo said, per AFP.

Another New York citizen, Edwin Tavares, said calls to defund the police mean the citizens have to defend themselves. 

According to Tavares, he does not want to call 911 and wait for 20 minutes before they arrive. 

“If you have a family, you think first of your family,” Tavares said, per AFP.  

A Black-American man, who wanted to remain anonymous, per Spectrum News, worries law enforcement may use his race against him.

According to him, he has to prepare to defend himself and cited what happened to the slain EMT, Breonna Taylor. 

According to the NYPD, gun license applications have almost doubled this year nationwide.

A man protecting himself from an intruder

Gun Sales Increase During Elections

Chad Winkler, manager of the Boondocks Firearms Academy, said gun sales usually increase during presidential electionsAFP reported. 

According to Winkler, people might be preparing for gun law changes in the future. 

For example, US President Donald Trump images himself as a defender of the Second Amendment. 

On the other hand, former Vice President Joe Biden prefers more restrictions with gun laws. 


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