Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said sports events could be open to the public with additional measures to ensure everybody is safe.    

He said the players should be first tested to ensure that they will not be infecting anyone, this will still be done under “a relative state of lockdown.” 

“(It is) tough to test the entire population of the country because you can be negative today and then positive tomorrow but if you were able to test the participants in the sports to make sure they don’t infect each other,”  

said Fauci in an interview with YouTube channel The Breakfast Club.

Then there will be a televised game in an empty stadium.  

“So people could at least enjoy a televised game and then as things get better you can tiptoe into opening places where people congregate but make it so that they’re always six feet apart,” said Fauci explaining the second and third steps. 

He added that the stadium will not be subjected to its full capacity during this stage. 

“(If) we have a 70,000-seating capacity stadium, we will let 25,000 people in making sure they’re separate, making sure they have it a mask on,” he added.  

 “So I think there are creative ways depending upon the sport where you could actually get televised and even some participants because I agree America loves sports and it is very good for them around to see it. But make sure we don’t put them in a position where hey really seriously endanger their health,” Fauci continued.  


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