Ohio State Representative, Jim Jordan, bombarded questions towards US Infectious Disease director, Dr. Anthony Fauci, during a House hearing on Friday.

The hearing is on the country’s current status in its virus response.

However, the two were involved in a sort of altercation during the event. 

Rep. Jordan focused his question to Fauci on whether protests should be limited. 

The Altercation 

“Do protests increase the spread of the virus?” Jordan asked the doctor. 

“I think I can make a general statement,“ Fauci answered.

However, before Fauci could complete his answer, Jordan interjected with numbers about the protesters. 

“Half a million protesters on June 6th alone,” he said. 

“Does it increase the spread of the virus?” pressed the representative. 

Jim Jordan

“Crowding together particularly when you’re not wearing a mask contributes to the spread of the virus,” Fauci explained. 

Jordan then went on and followed through with his question on whether the government should “limit the protesting”. 

“How do we say limit the protesting?” Fauci asked, adding that the question is irrelevant to the matter. 

Moreover, Fauci explained, he’s “not in a position” on what the “government can do in a forceful way”.

However, the answer is not enough for Jordan to let go of the question.

He also pointed out that Fauci makes “all kind of recommendations” from “dating and baseball” to anything. 

The doctor reiterated his answer to the question, “avoid crowds of any type” especially if the person is “not wearing a mask.”

Jordan then went on a rant about businesses and churches being forced to close and also on Portland protests. 

At some point during the representative’s rant, he asked the doctor, “So the protests don’t increase the virus?”

“I didn’t say that you’re putting words in my mouth,” Fauci answered, shaking his head in exasperation. 

Anthony Fauci

After their discussion, Jordan then went on to post this, along with the footage of the altercation:

Reprimanded By Other Lawmakers

Previously, Jordan was called out by other lawmakers during his interruptions on a House hearing with US Tech companies. 

One representative even repeatedly told him to put his mask on. 


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