Dr. Anthony Fauci complimented the state of California for the handling of its reopening, said a CBS8 report.

Fauci made this comment during a virtual event by Sacramento Press Club.

He is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Fauci said, “From the leadership that I’m seeing, it’s being done correctly,”

“But there’s a difference of when you open up…and what the people of California do in response to that.”

Fauci’s Message To The Youth

He also took time to address California’s youth, who he described as also “vulnerable” to the virus:

“Although you think you may not be as vulnerable to the serious consequences of getting infected, you’ve got to realize that you’re a part of a dynamic process.”

“You getting infected, even though you don’t realize it, is propagating the continuance of the outbreak.”

-Dr. Anthony Fauci

Fauci claimed that California’s spike in cases has been less dramatic than the recent uptick in Florida, said the report.

California’s Status

California reported 190,222 positive cases, about a 7,000 jump from the previous day, on Wednesday.

It also tallied 52 new deaths, bringing the total to 5,632.

Meanwhile, 4,095 people were in the hospital and 1,268 were in intensive care.

This is a record high for ICU numbers.  

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, said the state’s hospital system has been preparing for such potential surges.

However, he did not indicate plans to pull back on reopening.

Though he continuously urged the public to wear masks, wash their hands, and keep their distance from others. 

The Face Covering Paradox

Fauci admittedly said that there was some mixed messaging about face masks at the beginning of the pandemic.

This was when the masks were in short supply.

Medical grade masks were only reserved for health workers.

But he said, made-at-home face coverings also work in reducing the spread of respiratory droplets that carry the virus.

And is a “must” to wear a mask when near others. 

He also offered some advice.

“Plan A is don’t congregate.

Plan B is that if you do congregate wear a mask and keep the mask on all the time,” he said.


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