Is Farming Fab?

In 2009, people became addicted to the mobile game, “Farmville” – but what made is so alluring?

Morgan Gold balances his life as a full-time marketing executive at an insurance company. 

Aside from his day job, he proudly manages his 100 strong flocks of chicken, ducks, and geese at his farm in Peacham, Vermont.

He is living a real “Farmville” life. 

A neighbor of his, Tom Galinat, whose family owns a 550-acre farm, told the New York Times that Gold has “found a way” to earn more than what other farmers earn, with “less physical labor.”

Release the Quacken!

Galinat learned that one can earn from a farm not just by selling produce, but by “selling” an experience. 

“He has taught me I am no longer selling hay, I am selling a lifestyle,” Galinat said.

He further explained that Gold earns by “selling himself.”

“He’s really selling himself — his emotions, his opinions, his downfalls, his successes.” he said. 

Through his YouTube channel, Gold shares his passion for farming to the world.

His steady viewership has resulted in him earning around $2,500 to $4,000 a month from advertising revenue—an amount that is about 8 times from what he could earn from selling farm products. 

Gold posts picturesque drone footage of his quaint 150-acre farm, a sight that people living in the concrete jungle would love to see.

Morgan Gold

Aside from visuals, he offers interesting stories distinct to farm living. Such as when he exclaims “release the quacken!” whenever he releases his ducks from their enclosure in the morning.

Audiences have fallen in love with the ducks’ quack and swaying butts. One viewer even said that he even bought a customized license plate “QUACKIN”, in honor of the catchphrase. 

Gold has also been a favorite by people who have been self-isolating because of the lockdown.

A 6-year-old girl who lives in Portland, Oregon has been inspired to raise ducks in Vermont. 

According to Homesteaders of America, there has been a rise of farmer-influencers who earn income from YouTube.

It seems that farm living is here to stay.  


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