Lana Del Rey Poses for the cameras at a gala event

Lana Del Rey, the 35-year-old songbird made an appearance at a Barnes & Noble in LA at a surprise reading of her new book of poetry for fans while sporting a glittery mesh mask, according to USA Today.

Born to Die Wearing a Medically Useless Mask

The Born to Die singer read passages from her book, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass book.

Del Rey did not only read to her fans but also took pictures with them, per USA Today.

Her fans, however, were far from being impressed with the facial cover selection at the event held at The Grove.

For this reason, she faced a barrage of criticism for her mask of choice at the outdoor mall event.

This faux pas is not unprecedented, the songstress, in fact, wore the same medically useless mask for a recent Interview magazine cover shoot.

The multi-award-winning musician nor Barnes & Noble has not responded to the criticisms.

Is it by Mistake or Design?

The LA County Covid-19 guidance states that individuals must put on “cloth face covering over your nose and mouth.”

People must do this when they need to be “in public,” and when they are nearby others.

Del Rey, in her way, tried to abide by the protocol.

Although her fans and critics alike think the mask design is a huge mistake.

We Can’t Defend You

Fans filled Instagram and Twitter with comments about Del Rey’s mask.

Twitter user James asked:

Why did she create “a facemask” from “foam fruit wrappers?”

Another fan @mayahefnawy replied to del Rey’s post on Instagram:

“Ur setting urself up” (sic) this time. Your fans and I cannot “defend you.”

“I love” her, but this is extremely “irresponsible,” said another. 

A Proper Mask At Last

Instead of addressing the criticism, the singer and poet posted a video on Instagram wearing a more suitable camouflage mask.

She was reading a poem, and at the end of the clip, she removed the mask.

Under the post, an Instagram user @meganbotz responded: 

“Finally, a real mask.”


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