The featured image is a car accident. The purpose of which is that a report about the death of Frank Ocean's brother.

Ryan Breaux, brother of American singer-songwriter Frank Ocean, reportedly died in a car accident. 

Fans and friends send their prayers and condolences after hearing of the Breaux’s sudden death. 

According to different media reports, Breaux, 18, died with his classmate, Ezekiel “Zeek” Bishop, 20. 

The two were riding a Tesla vehicle during the incident, as per a CBS Los Angeles report.

Love from People Around

Paris Brosnan, a friend of Breaux and son of American actor Pierce Brosnan posted a heartfelt letter on his Instagram. 

In his post, Brosnan called Breaux his “brother” who was “talented” and “possessed a heart of gold.”

Brosnan also thanked Breaux for “being there” when he needed him the most. 

The guy was also a “leader,” a “loyal” and authentic friend, he wrote. 

He ended his post saying, he will always “carry” Breaux in his heart. 

Fans of the singer shared their message of condolences to him and his family on Twitter. 

A CBS Los Angeles report also posted an image of people leaving flowers on the site of the accident. 

Christian Martin, a long-time friend of the victims, described his friends as the type who can “light up the room.”

Investigation Findings So Far

Ventura County and Thousand Oaks authorities found a vehicle engulfed in flames on Westlake Boulevard on August 2nd, at around 1:33 am PDT.

Two male adults were found dead at the scene of the accident, said the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office. 

According to a report by the Sheriff’s Office, the vehicle “appeared to leave the roadway and collide[d] with a tree.”

Moreover, the incident is still under investigation. 

There are no official announcements on the victims yet. 

However, friends of the victims identified them as Bishop and Breaux, said an ABC 7 report. 

The two are recent graduates of Oak Christian High School. 


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